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With BranchLab’s AI-driven, ID-less approach, you can improve return on ad spend while enhancing consumer privacy. 

Don’t Let IDs hold you back.

Tap into the full potential of your media inventory.

Risk-Free Targeting

Using an ID-less approach provides publishers with a risk-free targeting solution. BranchLab’s methodology never attaches an ID to a health record and eliminates the possibility of ever reverse-engineering to 1:1 targeting.

Reach & Scale

100% match rate to your data, even in an ID-less environment like TV without the constraints caused by audiences that have traditionally been created by using IDs.

In-Flight Optimization

BranchLab provides exponentially more opportunities to optimize with weekly insights into script fill or other business outcomes so you can optimize when it matters, not 6-12 months post campaign. 

Enabling safety and accuracy to coexist.

Power of AI

BranchLab employs machine learning to understand the intricate relationships between advertising and health outcomes. These statistical representations enable predictive and descriptive models, providing comprehensive solutions tailored to specific challenges. 

Better Performance  

Optimize to every user or household individually, don’t be beholden to the constraints of binary targeting of 3P segments. Prioritize high value consumers within a target audience using AI. 

Empowered Media Owners 

BranchLab unlocks the value of a publisher’s data for healthcare advertising campaigns enabling unlimited optimization efforts, benefitting both advertisers and media owners.

Explore our solutions and achieve superior performance with your media investments.