the BranchLab Data Spine

HealthGraph™ aggregates anonymized healthcare interactions across all insured US residents, providing a robust view of a consumer’s unique health journey without ever compromising privacy.

Data is de-identified and stored at the atomic level, creating an ID-less solution.

The data can then be used to augment TV Publisher inventory to reach consumers and achieve business results effectively.


Insured and anonymized US residents, including their full journey through the US healthcare system.
HealthGraph™ data is sourced from diverse touch points including NCPDP Pharmacy Claims, Medical and Dental Claims, Eligibility pre-care, SDoH, Medical Remittance and more.


Healthcare claims representing $1.5 trillion in transactions.


HCPs graphed by their individual specialty, prescribing behavior, facility and more.


Healthcare transactions and growing with continuous updates.


Tap into up to a thousand patient attributes and customize health-related audiences like never before to effectively influence outcomes.

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BranchLab aggregates data directly into HealthGraph™, eliminating the need a for 3rd party data warehouse and data management platform providers, allowing for flexibility, transparency and speed. 

No user IDS of any kind are ever appended to anonymous consumer health records, making it impossible to identify an individual.