Solutions for
HCP Marketers

With BranchLab’s AI-driven approach, you can improve marketing results by prioritizing high value HCPs.

70% of HCPs don’t think healthcare brands understand their needs.

We can help you get to know them better.

Custom Audiences

Tap into data from over 2 million healthcare providers across more than 7,000 hospitals and 5,600 health systems for customized audiences that are more likely to influence Rx lift.

More Strategic Activation

Using AI, BranchLab allows you to determine which HCPs have the highest value based on hundreds of factors, including patient populations and makeup, script writing and filling behaviors, specialty, facility, advertising costs and more. By deploying BranchLab’s advanced HCP modeling technologies you can autonomously prioritize the most productive HCPs at the highest degree of efficiency. 

In-Flight Optimization

Boost campaign performance using data from exposed HCPs, like script fill, media efficiency or audience reach, to optimize media performance while in-flight. Receive HCP Marketing Effectiveness reports to better understand your audience and where to prioritize overall effort. 

Enabling safety and accuracy to coexist.

Power of AI 

BranchLab employs machine learning to understand the intricate relationships between advertising and health outcomes. These statistical representations enable predictive and descriptive models, providing comprehensive solutions tailored to specific challenges. 

Custom Audiences

BranchLab uses its HealthGraph™ data spine to generate descriptive models, tapping into one of the most comprehensive and granular HCP datasets, including attributes like treatment settings, healthcare decision maker details and more.

Better Results

Healthcare advertising campaigns often fall short in reaching their intended audience and effectively influencing outcomes. With BranchLab, you can improve HCP outcomes by optimizing all your sales and marketing efforts.

Explore our solutions and achieve superior performance with your media investments.