Solutions for
DTC Marketers

With BranchLab’s AI-driven, ID-less approach, you can improve return on ad spend while enhancing consumer privacy.

Almost three-quarters of Americans agree that more lives could be saved if patients were better informed about their pharmaceutical options.

Let’s enable more empowered and informed conversations.

Custom Audiences

Tap into up to a thousand patient attributes and customize health-related audiences like never before to effectively influence outcomes.

Easy Activation

Reach your target audience, even in ID-less environments, via curated deals. Prioritize users who best fit your custom audience model to meet performance goals effectively. 

In-Flight Optimization

Boost campaign performance using data from exposed users, like script fill or audience reach, to optimize media performance. 

Enabling safety and accuracy to coexist.

Privacy Safe

State, Federal and industry regulations ensure that deterministic matching of consumer health records to user IDs for advertising will never be accurate. So, we’ve designed a new approach. Consumer health records are never associated with a User ID of any kind, prioritizing privacy above all else.

Custom Audiences

BranchLab uses our HIPAA-compliant HealthGraph to generate descriptive models without any IDs ever being appended to health records.

Better Results

Healthcare advertising campaigns often fall short in reaching their intended audience and effectively influencing outcomes. With BranchLab, you can improve audience reach, even in a challenging ID-less environment like TV.

Explore our solutions and achieve superior performance with your media investments.